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MY Story
Nathan visits his local doctor because he has developed stomach pain. The doctor mixes herbs and administers acupuncture. He advises Nathan about adjusting his diet and gives him specific exercises to improve his health. There is no charge for the service.

In the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a doctor was paid to maintain the health of a person. Nathan would have seen his doctor on a regular basis following closely the doctor's advise concerning diet, exercise and stress management. If a person became ill, it was the doctor's fault and treatments would be given without charge.

Currently, our attention towards health is backwards. We wait until we are ill and then we seek medical help. Few recognize the value in eating well, exercising and practicing stress management on a daily basis and in accordance with our body type.

25 years ago, I entered the profession of TCM/acupuncture to help a friend who was diagnosed with cancer. In my research I found an article that discussed the use of shark's fin as a preventative against cancer. This "treatment" had been used by the Chinese for centuries and continues to be in practice today. Upon reading this article, I heard a small voice inside me saying "this is what your must do."

It is with intent, to learn about preventative medicine, that I entered the field of TCM/acupuncture. Personally this is how I conduct my life. I meditate for 1 hour daily, eat a diet in accordance with my allergy restrictions, do cardiovascular and weight training 3 times a week, take supplements based on my body's requirements. As a results, I have few digestive concerns, very little menopausal symptoms, and no pain in spite of the fact that I have severe arthritis. I am calm and happy.

With this facebook page, I hope to provide accessible tools to help you restore your health. In the interim, I am accepting new patients to address their health concerns. Many people think acupuncture only treats pain. It is a complete system of medicine recognized by the World Health Organization to treat over 200 common clinical disorders. Please join me as we recover and maintain our health!
Lisa Kramer Hunt

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