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What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?
Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.) is an ancient healing art which recognizes the body as a whole. When disease arises, both the disease and the underlying components of the disease must be treated to obtain optimum results. Diagnosis is made by piecing together all the various symptoms that a patient might present with. Once the health is restored, maintenance is achieved either through follow-up treatments or Qigong exercises, along with the suggested dietary changes and exercise regime.

What are the various therapies under the scope of T.C.M.?
Acupuncture: the insertion of fine needles slightly under the skin.
Qigong: Gentle and slow movement exercises aimed at restoring health, but also practiced as preventative therapy.
Chinese Herbal Remedies: Utilizing a combination of plants and herbs to heal the body.
Tui-Na Massage/Jin Shin Do Massage: specific massage techniques commonly used to treat children or address emotional illness.
Diet: Specific dietary recommendations employed in the treatment and prevention of all illness and disease.

What should one expect during an acupuncture treatment?
To arrive at a correct diagnosis and treatment plan, the initial treatment consists of an extensive interview. The acupuncturist will also look at the tongue and feel the pulse to confirm the diagnosis. Following the interview there will be a brief treatment.

What do the needles feel like?
Most people are surprised at how comfortable they feel during an acupuncture treatment. The acupuncture needles are thin, solid needles which are barely felt or not felt at all during insertion. After the insertion the needles are manipulated slightly to obtain the Qi which most will describe as a warm spreading or tingling sensation. The needles are left in for 5 – 45 minutes during which time the patient may relax or sleep. (All the needles are sterilized to standard medical requirements. Only disposable needles are used.)